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Pedro DJ Romero Gomez

Pedro DJ Romero Gomez

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352

PNNL Publications


  • Romero Gomez PDJ, SF Harding, and MC Richmond. 2017. "The Effects of Sampling Location and Turbulence on Discharge Estimates in Short Converging Turbine Intakes." Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics 11(1):513-525.  doi:10.1080/19942060.2017.1313176


  • Harding SF, MC Richmond, PDJ Romero Gomez, and JA Serkowski. 2016. "Effects of non-homogenous flow on ADCP data processing in a hydroturbine forebay." Flow Measurement and Instrumentation 52:1-9.  doi:10.1016/j.flowmeasinst.2015.12.010
  • Harding SF, PDJ Romero Gomez, and MC Richmond. 2016. Performance of Virtual Current Meters in Hydroelectric Turbine IntakesPNNL-25319, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 
  • Romero Gomez PDJ, and MC Richmond. 2016. "Numerical Simulation of Circular Cylinders in Free-Fall." Journal of Fluids and Structures 61:154-167.  doi:10.1016/j.jfluidstructs.2015.11.010
  • Oostrom M, Y Mehmani, PDJ Romero Gomez, Y Tang, H Liu, H Yoon, Q Kang, V Joekar Niasar, M Balhoff, T Dewers, GD Tartakovsky, EAE Leist, NJ Hess, WA Perkins, CL Rakowski, MC Richmond, JA Serkowski, CJ Werth, AJ Valocchi, TW Wietsma, and C Zhang. 2016. "Pore-scale and Continuum Simulations of Solute Transport Micromodel Benchmark Experiments." Computational Geosciences 20(4):857-879.  doi:10.1007/s10596-014-9424-0
  • Richmond MC, PDJ Romero Gomez, JA Serkowski, CL Rakowski, and MJ Graf. 2016. Comparative Study of Barotrauma Risk during Fish Passage through Kaplan TurbinesPNNL-SA-113640, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 


  • Richmond MC, SF Harding, and PDJ Romero Gomez. 2015. "Numerical performance analysis of acoustic Doppler velocity profilers in the wake of an axial-flow marine hydrokinetic turbine." International Journal of Marine Energy 11:50-70.  doi:10.1016/j.ijome.2015.05.004
  • Scheibe TD, WA Perkins, MC Richmond, MI McKinley, PDJ Romero Gomez, M Oostrom, TW Wietsma, JA Serkowski, and JM Zachara. 2015. "Pore-Scale and Multiscale Numerical Simulation of Flow and Transport in a Laboratory-Scale Column." Water Resources Research 51(2):1023-1035.  doi:10.1002/2014WR015959


  • Romero Gomez PDJ, and MC Richmond. 2014. "DISCRETE ELEMENT MODELING OF BLADE-STRIKE FREQUENCY AND SURVIVAL OF FISH PASSING THROUGH HYDROKINETIC TURBINES." In Proceedings of the 2nd Marine Energy Technology Symposium (METS), April 15-18, 2014, Seattle, Washington.  Virginia Tech University Libraries, Blacksburg, VA. 
  • Romero Gomez PDJ, and MC Richmond. 2014. "Simulating Blade-Strike on Fish passing through Marine Hydrokinetic Turbines." Renewable Energy 71:401-413.  doi:10.1016/j.renene.2014.05.051
  • Richmond MC, and PDJ Romero Gomez. 2014. "Fish Passage though Hydropower Turbines: Simulating Blade Strike using the Discrete Element Method." In Proceedings of the 27th Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems (IAHR 2014), September 22-26, 2014, Montreal, Canada. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, vol. 22, no. 6, p. Paper No. 062010.  IOP Publishing, Inc., Philadelphia, PA.  doi:10.1088/1755-1315/22/6/062010
  • Richmond MC, and PDJ Romero Gomez. 2014. "Turbulent Flow Effects on the Biological Performance of Hydro-Turbines." In HydroVision 2014:Energizing Innovation, July 22-24, 2014, Nashville, TN.  HydroVision International, Tulsa, OK. 




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