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Alexandre Mitroshkov

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352


Dr. Mitroshkov has more than 30 years of experience in atmospheric physics, physical and analytical chemistry. He has participated in the wide range of environmental studies of persistent chlorinated pollutants, such as polychlorinated dibenzodioxins, furans and biphenyls. He developed very sensitive and selective method of GC/MS analyses of these compounds with the use of negative chemical ionization. He investigated radiochemical decomposition of these compounds in different media. Dr. Mitroshkov conducts research of the products of decomposition of cellulose. He investigates isotopic ratio of U and Pu samples for IAEA using MC-ICP/MS methods. He examines the organic content in cotton and paper swipes. Dr. Mitroshkov studies the leaching process of different elements from the glass into water. He performs research on Electrochemically Modulated Separations Performed online with MC-ICP-MS for Uranium and Plutonium Isotopic Analyses. He conducted research of gas-to–fuel conversion of methane.

Research Interests

  • Investigation of persistent organic halogen compounds by GC/MS method with negative chemical ionization
  • Development of analytical methods for different elements for Multicollector ICP-MS analyses
  • Degradation of glass in water
  • Investigation of environmental pollution by PPCP- Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products and PFC- Perfluorinated Compounds
  • Investigation of PI- Polyatomic Interferences in ICP-MS analyses

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D. Chemistry, Russian Academy of Science, 1993
  • M.S., Physics, Moscow State University, 1979

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • American Chemical Society
  • American Society for Mass Spectrometry

Awards and Recognitions

  • Personal Grant of Soros Foundation.
  • Outstanding Performance Award in Recognition of his support of the C-106 Vapor Analysis Project by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
  • Outstanding Team performance Award for effective teamwork on the SY-101 Surface Level Rise Remediation Project.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for work toward closure of the Unreviewed Safety
  • Question on waste growth and hydrogen gas retention in tank 241-SY-101.
  • Outstanding performance award for the contribution to the successful field demonstration of the partitioning tracer method for tank leak detection.
  • Outstanding Performance Award for contribution to the FY2001 Partitioning Interwell Tracer Test Project.
  • Outstanding Performance Award in Recognition of Teamwork in "Contamination From Sampling Material Used at the Pantex Site"
  • "Outstanding Performance Award" for Lexington project -2005.
  • "Outstanding Performance Award" for IAEA works -2012
  • Invention Report - 2003. "Sonoluminescence Induced Reactions with Low Molecular Weight Hydrocarbons"

PNNL Publications



  • Fraga C.G., A.V. Mitroshkov, N.S. Mirjankar, B.P. Dockendorff, and A.M. Melville. 2017. "Elemental Source Attribution Signatures for Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) Fertilizers used in Homemade Explosives." Talanta 174. PNNL-SA-123773. doi:10.1016/j.talanta.2017.05.066


  • Mitroshkov A.V., J.V. Ryan, L. Thomas, and J.J. Neeway. 2016. "Comprehensive Isotopic and Elemental Analysis of a Multi-Oxide Glass by Multicollector ICP-MS in Isotope Substitution Studies." Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques 7, no. 2:Article No. 320. PNNL-SA-111131. doi:10.4172/2157-7064.1000320
  • Olsen K.B., R.R. Kirkham, V.T. Woods, D.A. Haas, J.C. Hayes, T.W. Bowyer, and D.P. Mendoza, et al. 2016. "Noble Gas Migration Experiment to Support the Detection of Underground Nuclear Explosions." Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 307, no. 3:2603-2610. PNNL-SA-109064. doi:10.1007/s10967-015-4639-7
  • Zhong L., A.V. Mitroshkov, and T.J. Gilmore. 2016. Analysis of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Compounds in Wastewater Sludge and Aqueous Samples using GC-MS/MS. PNNL-25275. Richland, WA: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Analysis of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Compounds in Wastewater Sludge and Aqueous Samples using GC-MS/MS


  • Gin S., P. Jollivet, M. Fournie, C. Berthon, Z. Wang, A.V. Mitroshkov, and Z. Zhu, et al. 2015. "The Fate Of Silicon During Glass Corrosion Under Alkaline Conditions: A Mechanistic And Kinetic Study With The International Simple Glass." Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 151. PNNL-SA-105688. doi:10.1016/j.gca.2014.12.009
  • Mitroshkov A.V., K.B. Olsen, and L. Thomas. 2015. "Estimation of the Formation Rates of Polyatomic Species of Heavy Metals in Plutonium Analyses using Multicollector ICP-MS with a Desolvating Nebulizer." Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 30, no. 2:487-493. PNNL-SA-104196. doi:10.1039/C4JA00282B


  • Zhong L., J.E. Amonette, A.V. Mitroshkov, and K.B. Olsen. 2014. "Transport of Perfluorocarbon Tracers and Carbon Dioxide in Sediment Columns - Evaluating the Application of PFC Tracers for CO2 Leakage Detection." Applied Geochemistry 45. PNWD-SA-10210. doi:10.1016/j.apgeochem.2014.02.016
  • Zhong L., K.J. Cantrell, A.V. Mitroshkov, and J.L. Shewell. 2014. "Mobilization and Transport of Organic Compounds from Reservoir Rock and Caprock in Geological Carbon Sequestration Sites." Environmental Earth Sciences 71, no. 9:4261-4272. PNNL-SA-94686. doi:10.1007/s12665-013-2823-z


  • Olsen K.B., A.V. Mitroshkov, M. Thomas, E.A. Lepel, R.R. Brunson, and J. Ladd-Lively. 2012. "Extended Characterization of Chemical Processes in Hot Cells Using Environmental Swipe Samples." In 52nd Annual Meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM 52), July 17-21, 2011, Palm Desert, California, 5, 3812-3822. Deerfield, Illinois:Institute of Nuclear Materials Management. PNNL-SA-80968.


  • Liezers M., K.B. Olsen, A.V. Mitroshkov, and D.C. Duckworth. 2010. "Validation of Electrochemically Modulated Separations Performed On-Line with MC-ICP-MS for Uranium and Plutonium Isotopic Analyses." In Proceedings of the 51st Annual Meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management, July 11-15, 2010, Baltimore, Maryland. Deerfield, Illinois:INMM. PNNL-SA-73342.
  • Riley R.G., J.E. Szecsody, D.S. Sklarew, A.V. Mitroshkov, P.M. Gent, C.F. Brown, and C.J. Thompson. 2010. "Desorption Behavior of Carbon Tetrachloride and Chloroform in contaminated Low Organic Carbon Aquifer Sediments." Chemosphere 79, no. 8:807-813. PNNL-SA-47350.


  • Qafoku N., L. Zhong, C.J. Thompson, C. Liu, B.W. Arey, A.V. Mitroshkov, and R.G. Riley. 2009. "Physical control on CCl4 and CHCl3 desorption from artificially contaminated and aged sediments with supercritical carbon dioxide." Chemosphere 74, no. 4:494-500. PNNL-SA-60227.
  • Truex M.J., V.R. Vermeul, B.G. Fritz, R.D. Mackley, D.P. Mendoza, R.P. Elmore, and A.V. Mitroshkov, et al. 2009. Hanford 100-D Area Biostimulation Treatability Test Results. PNNL-18784. Richland, WA: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Hanford 100-D Area Biostimulation Treatability Test Results






  • Gilmore T.J., A.V. Mitroshkov, P. Dresel, and D.S. Sklarew. 2004. "Laboratory Investigation into the Contribution of Contaminants to Ground Water from Equipment Materials Used in Sampling." Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation 24, no. 3:88-94. PNNL-SA-42969.
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