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Cynthia Rakowski

Cynthia Rakowski

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352


Cindy Rakowski is a Research Engineer in the Hydrology Group. She is a member of a team of engineers and scientists that focuses on the development and application of computational fluid dynamics to solve problems in environmental and engineered systems.

Ms. Rakowski provides technical expertise in the areas of structured and unstructured mesh generation, flow simulations in 1-, 2-, and 3D. This broad knowledge has led to the development of innovative methodologies for applying computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to rivers and their engineered structures. She is experienced using Gridgen (Pointwise, Inc.) several CFD solver codes including Star-CD (ADAPCO), and MASS1 and MASS2 (PNNL codes); GIS software (Arc/Info (ESRI), and visualization tools such as Tecplot (Amtec).

Research Interests

  • Integration of diverse data sources into a GIS framework to facilitate analysis, and map production that shows results in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Application of numerical flow models to problems of biological significance, with management applications.

Education and Credentials

  • M.S., Watershed Science, Utah State University, 1997
  • B.S., Physics, Montana State University, 1986

Affiliations and Professional Service

PNNL Publications


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  • Richmond MC, PDJ Romero Gomez, JA Serkowski, CL Rakowski, and MJ Graf. 2016. Comparative Study of Barotrauma Risk during Fish Passage through Kaplan TurbinesPNNL-SA-113640, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA. 



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